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Jun 10, 2020


Craig Borlase, a New York Times and international bestselling author of more than 60 books, co-authors the unexpected worldwide bestselling memoir, "Finding Gobi: The Little Dog with a Very Big Heart."

This true story features co-author and ultramarathoner Dion Leonard who crosses paths with a stray dog while racing 150 miles across the Gobi Desert in China. The dog he later names “Gobi” unexpectedly runs for miles alongside him in the scorching hot desert. Gobi’s instant loyalty and love win over Leonard, a hardened Aussie man, and eventually turns him into a tender-hearted advocate for dog adoption.

Co-author Borlase, a prolific and renowned memoirist, specializes in crafting dramatic, engaging stories and has collaborated with a wide range of people all over the world. Some of these include a two-time Grammy-winning songwriter, an Iranian refugee who spent four months in a Turkish jail, a female transatlantic rower, a World War II veteran, and a former Muslim woman who was one week away from becoming a suicide bomber.

Leonard praises Borlase’s attention to detail that turns a simple memory into something that makes us feel we were there. “Craig turned words into gold.”


  • “What makes a good story? Courage. A willingness to face pain, not hide. Saying 'yes' to all that's good in life. When you start here, the writing takes care of itself.”

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