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Feb 26, 2020


Maria Ross, brand strategist and founder of Red Slice, shares her latest book, The Empathy Edge. Going beyond warm fuzzies, Ross shares hard data affirming the need for companies to understand what their customers really want and need. Seeing things from the customer’s perspective is not only a good idea and the right thing to do; it’s becoming increasingly essential for those looking for a competitive edge.


  • Empathy – a mindset of taking another person’s perspective, seeing the world through their point of view to shape the actions (a feeling, lens, and mindset)
  • Compassion – applying empathy to actions
  • PFCC – Patient and Family Centered Care; structure/philosophy embraced and practiced by University of Washington Medical Center that gives patient lots of choices and autonomy; reduces readmissions and malpractice suits
  • Kindness – niceness that may or may not include empathy
  • Empathy nudges – tiny, cumulative actions capable of sparking empathy within a company
  • Presence – a practice that keeps your head in the moment; instrumental in taking on another person’s point of view


  • “Building a brand is about building a brand story…It’s fundamentally the core of an organization.”
  • “The very qualities that make us uniquely human will become our competitive advantage.”
  • “Many classical thinkers and modern thought leaders believe empathy in all its forms is essential to human survival and to making the world a better place.”
  • “Empathy is a power muscle for a leader to flex in order to better connect with customers as well as their own team.”
  • “Empathy does not mean ‘caving’ to the demands of all stakeholders, but empathetic leaders do try to find a good balance by considering all viewpoints and then making informed decisions.”
  • “[Becoming an] empathetic leader requires restraint to listen to people’s experiences, stories, and perspectives and draw patterns from that information, over and over again.”
  • “Sitting down with individuals to uncover what truly motivates them to do their best work is the key to a more empathetic culture.”
  • “Yes, empathy is innate to human beings…but it can be taught or, as I prefer to term it, cultivated.”
  • “Catalyzing empathy in our workplaces gives us a huge advantage over our less compassionate competitors, but the real endgame is to make the whole world more open, curious, and understanding.”

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Watch Maria Ross speak to Google about her book Rebooting My Brain.

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